Thanks goes to...

Len Albright, Harrisonburg, VA
for contributing Dr. U, Dr. B, Dr Extreme, and others.

E.J. Anttila, Dallas, TX
for contributing Dr. U (the other one), Dr. Wild, Dr. Parade, and the tiny Dr. R.

Tom Bates, The Museum of Beverage Containers & Advertising
for photos of Dr. Sweet, Dr Nut, and Dr. X.

Kenton Bell, Mt. Mourne, NC
for contributing Dr. Rush.

Tom Brezinsky, San Antonio, TX
for stopping at each new grocery store every time we drive anywhere.

Jeff Campbell, Acworth, GA
for contributing Lotsa' Dr Pop for tasting.

Aubrey Charpentier, Abbeville, LA
for finding Dr. Blast at the naval academy in Annapolis.

Bridget Conn, Palm Harbor, FL
for her immeasurable help in locating the Dr imitations and making this page.

Eric DeBilt, Fargo, ND
for contributing Dr Dynamite and others.

Anne Marie DeLuca, Buffalo, NY
for info on Dr W.

Amy Docksteader, Vancouver, BC
for contributing Dr. Buzz.

Mark Edwards, Reno, NV
for finding some new ones in his area.

Donna Grunewald, Oak Creek, WI
for contributing Country Doctor and Dr. Phizz.

Brenda Hollingsworth, Food Folks, Lumberton, NC
for donating Dr Country (which seems to be on its way to extinction.)

Jay Johnson, Milwalkee, WI
for donating Dr Vess and Jewel's Dr. Bold.

Ryan McCombe, Toronto, ON
for contributing Dr. Zip.

B.J. McDevitt, Hartland, MI
for contributing Dr Quencher.

Scarlett Merriman, Kennesaw, GA
for contributing Dr. Nut and keeping a close eye on ebay.

Bob Moore, 10-2-4 Club
for information on and photos of Dr. Foots.

Ramona Moore, Asheville, NC
for contributing Dr. Lynn.

Taylor Nicolaisen, Rapid City, SD
for contributing Dr. Chill

Chris Nilsen, Browns Mills, NJ
for contributing Dr. Bold from Acme Markets.

Johnny Oleksa, Winston-Salem, NC
for contributing Dr. Sparkle.

Shannon Petit, Allentown, PA
for contributing Dr Stripes.

Brian Portner, New York
for contributing many cans from the New England area.

Zachary Price, Tallahassee, FL
for finding Doctor Whatever.

Michael Pusateri, South Pasadena, CA
for contributing Dr. Cheaper and Dr. Sparkle in a can.

Dave Schul, Lawrence, KS (extra thanks)
for providing an incredible number of different drs.

Adam Shale, Harrington Park, NJ
for contributing Dr. Flavor.

Jessie Sitnick, Owings Mills, MD
for contributing Dr. Zing.

Tom Stanley, Metairie, LA
for finding Dr. Furr's in El Paso.

Jarrett Stoltzfus, Chicago, IL
for tips on scripting. (read: writing the javascript for me)

Ann Swearingen, Jacksonville, FL
for always looking for imitations and for finding Dr. Smooth and Dr. Perfect.

Glenn Swearingen, Jacksonville, FL
for contributing Dr. Publix.

Larry Thomas, Southern California
for contributing a number from his area.

Keith Tyson, Houston, TX
for info on Dr. B.

Benj Vardigan, San Francisco, CA
for contributing Dr Parker.

Ericka Wells, El Paso, TX
for searching the grocery stores and finding a number of imitations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Tom Wolcott, Fort Worth, TX
for contributing Dr. Weis.

John Zydell, White Plains, MD
for bringing Dr. S (Shoppers Food Warehouse) down to New Orleans.

Do you know of any drs that I don't have? Can you contribute any? Let me know. I'll happily reimburse any costs.