My first taste of Dr Quencher was Mmmm.. Gewd, but then I was hit by a sudden medicinal aftertaste. At first I was going to hold this against Dr Quencher, because tasting like medicine is the kiss of death for a Dr. However, considering the fact that I had just had actual medicine in my mouth not ten minutes before, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. By the time I got to the bottom of the can, the drink was very flat tasting, and therefore a little dull. But in all fairness, I had left it sitting out for sometime after drinking the first half of the can, and I also realized that I was drinking it six months past the "best if consumed by" date on the bottom. In the end, I decided to award Dr Quencher a four Dr Pepper can rating. Dr Quencher can be found at Spartan Stores and probably also at other Spartan owned and supplied stores in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.