Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too...
One of the most extensive lists of drs out there. It includes excellent pictures, information on the producers of each drink, and numerous links.

The first fake Dr Pepper taste test results to be posted. Includes rankings and a discussion of the taste.

Dr Kenton's Generic Dr Peppers Page
A nice page with large pictures, information, a wish list, and a pretty extensive collection.

The Authoritative Doctor Soda Page
A decent list with descriptions of the tastes.

Dr. Beverages Page
Another list of drs with a few pictures.

I'm a Pepper!
A taste test with rankings for taste, Dr Pepper Similarity, label design, name cleverness, and an overall score.

The Van Gogh-Goghs' Doctor Sodas Page
Pretty big collection with some random information about the soda and Dr soda industry.

Dr. Pepper and the Imposters
Modest collection with pictures.

The Quest of the Dr. Thunder Clones
This creators of this new page pay their homage to Dr. Thunder by listing a few of these imitations.

Dr Pepper Rip-Off Page
This page has a score, manufacturer, ingredients, nutrition facts, a discussion, and very nice pictures, but the collection is a bit limited.

Dr. Pepper Rip Off Reviews
A pretty small collection. The page has a couple of reviews, but seems incomplete.

Dr Jason
A nice looking page with a decent number in the collection.

Dr Crap
A small collection from the Twin Cities.

Dr. Goldberg
Irreverant rants on a number of fake drs.

Fake Dr. Pepper Land
A uniquely designed site with a good number of doctors scanned nicely.

Robert Paloutzian's El Genero® Brand Web Page
A collection including some older cans.

The Dr. Schnee Memorial Chapel and Gallery
This guy takes his Dr. Schnee seriously. Truly a unique experience. The site also lists a handful of 'Schnee-like Beverages'.

broken links - anyone know if they are around somewhere else?

The Dr Pepper "Clone" Page
Dr. Pepper CLONES
The Dr. is IN!!!
One Man's Junk
Generic Dr Pepper Clones
I'm a Pepper!
OOO's ongoing list of Dr. Pepper clones
The Dr. is IN!!!
Mmmmmm... Dr. Drinks
Hey, You're Not Dr. Pepper!

Do you have a Dr Pepper imitation site that isn't listed above? Let me know and I'll put it on here.