The Collection

Dr. Bob (cans from Bi-Lo and Giant)
Dr. Bold (can from Jewel)
Dr. Celeste
Dr. Fine (new can)
Dr. Good Guy
Dr. Lowe's (new rating)
Dr Lynn (new can)
Dr. M (new can)
Dr. Topper (new can)
Dr. U (new rating)
Dr. West (new can)
Mr. Pig (new label)

Dr A+
Dr. Aahh
Dr. B (H-E-B)
Dr. B (Buehler's Buy-Low)
Dr Becker
Dr. Best
Dr. Blast
Dr. Bob
Dr. Bold
Dr Bruno's
Dr. Buzz
Dr. Cheaper
Dr. Chek
Dr. Chill
Dr. Choice
Dr. Cool
Dr Country
Dr D
Dr. Dazzle
Dr Delight
Dr Dynamite
Dr Extreme
Dr. Fine
Dr Fizz (Cardinal Beverages)
Dr. Fizz (Fitz)
Dr. Flavor
Dr Fresh
Dr. Furr's
Dr. Gulpster
Dr. HyTop
Dr. Hy-Vee
Dr. Joe's
Dr. K (Kn'K)
Dr. K (Big K)
Dr. Kist
Dr. Lowe's
Dr. Lynn
Dr. M
Dr. Nehi
Dr. Nut
Dr. Parade
Dr Parker
Dr Path
Dr Perfect (Bi-Lo)
Dr Perfect (Sensational)
Dr. Perky
Dr. Phizz
Dr Pop (Lotsa')
Dr. Pop (Save-a-lot)
Dr. Pride
Dr. Publix
Dr Quencher
Dr. R
Dr. Radical
Dr. Randalls
Dr. Red & White
Dr. Riffic
Dr. Right (Preferred Selection)
Dr. Right (Shop'n Save)
Dr. Rocket
Dr. Rush
Dr. S (Shoppers Premium Choice)
Dr. S (Southern Home)
Dr. Schnee
Dr Shasta
Dr. Shaw's
Dr. Skipper
Dr Slice
Dr. Smooth
Dr. Sparkle (Lowe's Foods)
Dr. Sparkle (Price Chopper)
Dr. Springfield
Dr. Springtime
Dr Starr
Dr. Stripes
Dr. Tex
Dr. Thirst
Dr Thunder
Dr Topper (Clover Valley)
Dr. Topper (HyTop)
Dr. Topper (Rocky Top)
Dr. Tops
Dr. U (Ukrop's)
Dr. U (United)
Dr. Urge
Dr Vess
Dr W
Dr. Weis
Dr. Wells
Dr. West
Dr. Whatever
Dr Wild (Smith's)
Dr. Wild (Wild Oats)
Dr. Wild (Private Selection)
Dr. Wow
Dr. Zestee
Dr. Zing
Dr. Zip

Braum's Special
Country Doctor
Doc Holiday
Doc Shasta
The Dr. Soda
Pibb Xtra
Real Dr.
The Skipper
Southern Lightning
Texas Fizz

Mr. Ahhh!
Mr. aahh
Mr. Green
Mr Pibb
Mr. Pig
Mr. Sipp