Through the SoBe brand, Pepsi has started selling Mr. Green. In a self-aggrandizing way, Mr. Green has billed himself as an energizing flavored soda with ginseng. Despite the boast of ginseng (which in the past, has been the kiss of death for a dr) Mr. Green is amazingly tasty. It's a truely unique taste, that I can only describe as an appropriate and effective use of spice. The marketing force behind Mr. Green seems to be the in-your-face-Xtreme type of advertising that has been used so often. There are over 20 slogans under the cap --

1. Get a Job - Good advice, but it's this type of self-righteousness that knocked Mr. Green's ranking from a 4.5 to 4 Dr Pepper can rating.
2. Exercise your Brain
3. Lift Weights
4. Thank Your Parents
5. Use Spell Check
6. Raise Your Hand
7. Brush Your Teeth
8. Brush Your Hair

Let me know other slogans that you have seen.